Where to position your sofa

The sofa is often the largest piece of furniture in your living room – and an oversized couch can overwhelm a small lounge. Therefore, if you’re trying to optimise space in a compact room, you need a sofa that will work with your layout.

Couches are often pushed back against a wall. This may seem like a space-saving arrangement, but the opposite can be true. By placing a sofa at an angle and having space around it, you give the impression of a larger room.

Two smaller sofas often work better than a single large sofa as there’s space between them. Sometimes, it does make sense to push a couch against a wall. This is particularly effective if you have a bay window or alcove to fill.

Best types of sofas for small rooms

Corner sofas are great for making the most of space. Instead of sitting in a row, a curved corner design lets you spread out more. It can be centred around a focal point, such as a screen, giving everyone a clear view.

A modular sofa offers the best of both worlds as it can be separated into different configurations. In a small room, this gives you the flexibility to arrange your sofa to suit the space available.

If the dimensions of your living room mean a sofa will take up a large amount of floor space, why not opt for single armchairs instead? A trio of armchairs is ideal for creating a semi-circular formation.

As well as sofa size, consider shape too. Rather than a large, cushioned sofa, opt for one with small arms and a fixed back. This gives a smart, compact appearance. You should avoid chunky arms as they take up valuable space.

In addition, a sofa with legs, rather than a solid shape, allows you to make the most of vertical space. It gives the perception of more room as you can see the floor beneath the sofa.

Create a harmonious colour scheme

White is always a good idea if you want to give the illusion of space. However, a white sofa might be impractical.

To maximise the illusion of space, combine white walls with a fabric or leather sofa in a light or neutral shade, such as soft grey or pale cream, beige or green. The sofa will blend harmoniously into the overall colour scheme rather than standing out.

If you prefer darker or bolder colours, an alternative idea is to match the sofa with the wall colouring. For example, choose a rich, velvety red wall colour with a sofa in the same hue. That way, it blends into the background.

Make a multi-use living room

With room sizes getting smaller in new build homes, many of us have multi-use spaces – in which case, it makes sense to have a multi-use sofa.

Living rooms can double up as offices and spare bedrooms, and multifunctional furniture can help you optimise every room in your home. Sofa beds are ideal if you want your living room to multi-task and act as a spare bedroom when required.

Signature Sofas offers a selection of different sized sofa beds, from compact designs to large double beds.

Master the art of space optimisation with Signature Sofas

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