Looking for the perfect seating experience? Then a bespoke sofa is the way to go.

Made-to-measure sofas offer considerable advantages compared to off-the-shelf, ready-made sofas. Here’s why!

The right size for your living space

With a bespoke sofa, you can make the most of any room. If you have an awkward space to fill or your living room has an unconventional layout, you can design a sofa that fits perfectly.

Whether it has sharp corners, curved walls or is generally just an irregular shape, you can choose a sofa that will become part of your overall décor. Modular sofas are ideal in these circumstances as they can be moved around at your convenience.

At Signature Sofas, we have a range of larger sofas with 3, 4 or 5 seats for wider spaces and 2-seater and single chairs in compact designs for smaller rooms. We also have corner sofas to help you optimise the layout of your living or family room.

The perfect size for your comfort

As well as being designed to suit the practicalities of your home, made-to-measure sofas can also be adjusted to suit your body. As a result, you gain a more ergonomic and relaxing seating experience.

For example, with customised sofas, you can adjust the seat depth, backrest height, and the firmness of the cushions so they’re comfortable for you.

For the ultimate in relaxation, we have a range of recliners that will help you achieve a more restful position. The latest recliners have adjustable headrests to give neck and lumbar support. Meanwhile, the extending footrest lets you adjust your position to stretch and support your legs.

If you have either back or leg problems, a recliner provides a greater degree of comfort and support than an upright armchair or sofa.

Your choice of material, colour, and style

Another advantage of custom-made sofas is the vast array of materials, colours and styles to choose from. This extensive choice lets you design a sofa that’s truly personal to you.

Signature Sofas made-to-measure fabric sofas come in over 3000 fabrics and 50 designs. From traditional and classic to modern and ultra-modern, you can create a unique piece of furniture.

In addition to our extensive fabric range, we offer the best Italian leather made-to-measure sofas that bring a luxurious touch to any room. You can choose from over 400 leather styles in 3-, 4- and 5-seater sofas for big spaces and 2-seater and single chairs for compact rooms.

Enjoy the advantages of a high-quality customised sofa

Made-to-measure sofas offer a high level of craftsmanship and tend to be more durable than ready-made alternatives. Party, this is because you can choose the type of material that’s most suitable for the demands of your household.

When you take into account this level of customisation, the quality of build, and the longevity of the product, a made-to-measure sofa is a great investment. It’s also a wonderfully comfortable and attractive addition to your home.

Find your dream sofa at Signature Sofas

Our sofas are completely customisable and made-to-measure. We have a skilled team who design and manufacture beautiful British sofas for our customers.

You can view our extensive range online or visit our sofa shop in Cannock.

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