At Signature Sofas, we build our sofas to your specific needs. With over 60 sofa styles and over 3000 materials available, you could feel spoilt for choice!

When creating a custom-made sofa, there are a number of factors to consider, including the space available to you, the lifestyle of your household, and your personal taste. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to help you unleash your creativity in sofa design.

What size sofa suits you?

The beauty of a bespoke made to measure sofa is that it can be designed to suit the size of your living room. And that includes awkward spaces.

Before you look at different designs, consider the size and shape of the room and the position you want the sofa to take. It could be the centrepiece of the room or pushed against a wall. It’s worth taking measurements and laying out markers on the floor so you can see exactly how much space the sofa will take.

We offer modular designs so you can design a configuration that’s perfect for the shape of your room. You could opt for a cosy corner sofa, a long, straight 5-seater, or individual armchairs.

Certain elements can also be customised, such as the width, height, depth, and back height. In a small room, a compact sofa with a low back can give the illusion of more space.

Sofas with 3, 4 and 5 seats are great for bigger spaces, and our modular designs can be arranged in any configuration. They’re ideal for houses and apartments as they help optimise the available space. When you have guests, you can rearrange the modules and place small tables between the units.

What are the practical needs of your household?

After you’ve worked out how much space is available, you should consider how your sofa will be used. Do you need plenty of seats for entertaining? Would it be useful to have a sofa bed for overnight guests?

For families, a key factor is durability. You need a robust sofa that will withstand the rough and tumble of toddlers and teenagers.

Five-seater sofas are ideal if everyone likes to lounge around together. Or you may prefer to put some distance between individuals, in which case two smaller sofas work well.

For most of us, comfort is a priority, particularly for older people. A reclining sofa offers both support and legroom. A deep sofa will enable you to lean right back, and an integrated footrest can provide additional support.

Some people prefer to sit in an upright position. A high-backed sofa or armchair gives upright back support and you could combine it with an individual footrest that can be moved around.

What colours and fabrics do you love?

Our bespoke sofas encompass a range of styles, both traditional and modern. You have the tools to create a sofa that’s perfect for your home and reflects your style and taste.

With such a vast array of materials and colours to choose from, you could opt to make your sofa a bold standout feature. It can become the central design element of your room.

Alternatively, you may want it to blend harmoniously with your overall décor. It’s simple to find a shade and pattern that works with your colour scheme – you can then accessorise with cushions in an accent colour.

Signature Sofas uses the finest fabrics in a variety of colours and patterns, enabling you to design a truly unique piece. Although leather doesn’t come in such a wide choice of colours and patterns, we still have an extensive range of styles for you to create something that’s special to you.

Unleash your creativity with Signature Sofas

Our sofas are completely customisable and made to measure. We have a skilled team who design and manufacture beautiful British sofas for our customers.

You can view our extensive range online or visit our sofa shop in Cannock.

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