Did you know velvet sofas are still extremely popular in modern homes? The only feature that would be different is the shades of velvet. The most elegant shade would be a green velvet sofa that’s perfect for home offices or lounges with dark wooden floors and accents. 

At Signature Sofas, you can design your own velvet lounger to complement the aesthetics of your room. But first, let’s find out more about velvet and why it’s such a popular fabric in modern homes. Find out how you can get a custom velvet sofa made in today’s article. 

What is Velvet Fabric? 

Velvet is a soft fabric that’s made up of dense, evenly cut fibres that provide a smooth nap. The fabric has a shiny appearance and because of its short pile fibres, it's soft to the touch. Velvet is made from a variety of fibres such as cotton, silk, and even wool. Synthetic fibres make more affordable types of velvet fabrics. 

Many people use velvet fabric to make clothes and drapes but the most common use of this type of material is for upholstery. The fabric is one of many types of materials Signature Sofas uses to make luxurious lounges for your home. 

4 Types of Velvet Fabrics

Velvet comes in a variety of textures, patterns, and piles. However, we’re mentioning the top four types of fabric that are frequently used. Take a look at these types of velvet fabrics below. Perhaps you’ll find a type you’d like your sofa to be covered in.  

1. Crushed Velvet 

Crushed velvet is by far the most popular type of velvet you can get. The fabric texture is made by twisting the velvet while wet or pressing the fibres in various directions. A combination of light, dark and shiny patterns gives a unique texture and appearance. 

2. Silk Velvet  

Silk velvet is brighter and softer compared to other types of velvet. The fabric is made from pure silk which is what gives the material its soft and shiny appearance. This type of velvet is lightweight but durable. 

3. Embossed Velvet 

Embossed velvet has patterns on the surface. A heat stamp is used to apply pressure to the fabric that pushes the fibres down to create a unique pattern. This type of velvet is popular in upholstery because they come in plenty of designs and colours for you to choose from. 

4. Cotton Velvet

Cotton velvet is made with cotton and sometimes polyester. The fabric has a matt finish so it’s ideal if you don’t want your sofa to be too shiny. You may find that cotton velvet is best for upholstery because it’s strong, durable, and stretches well. 

Why Velvet is Perfect for Sofas

  • Durability: One of the reasons velvet is perfect for sofas is because it’s quite durable so the fabric won’t tear or tarnish over time. Velvet has no raised or loose threads and it has a flat pile so it’s not easy to snag on sharp objects. 
  • Best for pet owners: You’ll also appreciate velvet if you have pets because fur doesn’t stick to it easily. The smoothness of the pile allows you to brush pet hair off your sofa easily. T
  • Reflects light: The fabric has a lustrous sheen that works well with other modern or contemporary décor pieces. Velvet reflects light instead of absorbing it so it will create the perfect contrast against dark backgrounds. 
  • Gentle on the skin: Lastly, velvet simply feels luxurious. So when you’re sitting on your sofa the velvet won’t chafe or feel uncomfortable against your skin. 

Which Range from Signature Sofas Offers Velvet Lounges? 

There are two ranges from Signature Sofas that have velvet sofas namely the Knowle and Trafalgar range. 

A Knowle Signature Sofa is made with a plush, luxe velvet fabric that's soft to the touch and durable enough for everyday use. It comes in a variety of colours so you can find your perfect match. And it’s backed by our lifetime warranty, so you don't have to worry about anything but how comfortable it feels and how elegant it looks on your living room floor.

The Trafalgar Signature Sofa has a deep seat and high backrest. This sofa will be the centrepiece of any room – whether it's in an apartment or a mansion. Its rich colour and luxurious feel will make every day feel like Sunday afternoon at home with family around you. 

Can You Pick Another Style of Velvet Sofa From The Store? 

There is plenty of sofa ranges for you to pick from on the Signature Sofas store so you’re not limited to one style. If you want a luxurious emerald green velvet sofa that’s shaped differently from the Knowle and Trafalgar range then browse through the ranges we offer. 

Velvet fabric looks appealing on certain styles of lounges but you can have a signature sofa made according to your preferences. 

How do You Get a Custom Velvet Sofa Made

If you’d like a custom-made velvet sofa you can get yours made easily through Signature Sofas. Simply visit the site and browse through the ranges we have. You can also send custom dimensions through so you can have a sofa perfectly designed for the size of your room. 

Then pick the type of velvet you want and the colour you prefer. You’ll appreciate that there are plenty of velvet fabric colours to choose from whether you want an elegant deep red or a funky pink shade we’ll have what you’re looking for. 

Where Should You Place a Signature Velvet Sofa?  

Velvet sofas are versatile and since they have a sophisticated appearance you can place one in your home office or even your bedroom. Most people prefer embossed velvet sofas for their offices because it adds depth to a room with flat backgrounds. 

If you have light backgrounds and accents with grey flooring then a light blue velvet sofa will add a cool tone that’s tranquil to your space. Green velvet sofas always look elegant in dark rooms with wooden backgrounds. Crushed or silk velvet will add a stunning contrast to your living room. 

Easiest Way to Maintain Your Velvet Sofa 

The best way to maintain your velvet sofa is by using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Use the nozzle to remove dirt or dust trapped inside the fibres of the velvet. 

You don’t have to worry about stains because velvet upholstery fabric is typically coated in a sealant to repel stains and prevent spills from damaging the pile. If you accidentally spill liquid on the sofa simply dab the area with a towel until it's completely dry. 

If you have removable slipcovers wash them in your machine but don’t use hot water because it can make the velvet shrink and lose elasticity. 

Final Thoughts 

Do you want an elegant velvet sofa for your home? Visit Signature Sofas to choose the style you want and send us a message with the dimensions you prefer. Let us know what colour velvet fabric is best for you. We'll ship out your new signature sofa today!

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