Sofa beds for sitting, sleeping and storage are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture that every homeowner should have. But most people choose not to get one because they’re afraid it may affect the aesthetics of their lounge. 

However, the styles of sofa beds have improved over the years not only in terms of comfort but also with regards to design and construction. So what are the best sofa beds and how do you pick the right one for your home? 

Find out why you should consider getting a sofa bed and how to pick the best one in this complete guide.  

Why You Should Consider Getting a Sofa Bed 

Sofa beds are convenient because you can convert them into a couch or a bed. The reason homeowners get sofa beds is to accommodate guests when they sleepover. You may not have a spare room or a spare bed. Therefore, use a sofa bed you can easily convert into a comfortable sleeping space when you have guests who want to stay the night. 

Another reason why homeowners choose sofa beds is that they’re space savers. If you have a small room then a folding sleeper couch will be a major benefit to you. When you fold your sofa bed up you’ll have more space to move around your room during the day. 

Lastly, sofa beds save you money because you won’t have to buy a separate bed and couch because it’s combined into one piece of furniture. You’ll have a comfortable place to sit when the couch is folded and a comfortable place to sleep when you pull the bed out. 

How to Select the Best Sofa Bed for Sitting Sleeping and Storage 

Before we tell you which sofa beds are the best you should consider a few important features before choosing the right one for you. Take a look at the following features to consider when shopping for your sofa bed. 

Choose Your Style 

Did you know that you can get sofa beds in both traditional and contemporary styles? If you want to stick to a specific décor style then you’ll be presented with an array of choices. For a more classic design, you can choose a sofa bed with high backs or low lines for a more modern aesthetic. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a specific style and you can’t find it you can send your design style to Signature Sofas to get your sofa bed custom made. 

What Type of Sofa Bed Do You Want? 

There are different types of sofa beds on the market. You want to pick one that isn’t difficult to store but also doesn’t compromise on comfort. Take a look at the different types of sofa beds below. 

  • Foldable: There are sofa beds that fold out flat but these tend to take up more space because they have a larger sleeping area. The mattress is similar to the one you find on beds because they have springs and plenty of cushioning.  
  • Pull-out: Pull-out sofa beds tend to have two or three folding sections that you pull out from the couch. These sofa beds are more affordable but the mattresses don’t seem to be as thick and as comfortable as other types of couch beds. 
  • Ottoman: These types of couch beds don’t fold or pull out. You simply unclick the backrest to lay it down flat. You can put a mattress on top of the converted ottoman for more comfort. 

Get the Right Size

Before you pick your couch bed, you must consider the size you want first. If the couch bed is too big then it will take up too much space when you fold it out. Measure the sofa bed when it’s in couch form and when you pull the mattress out to see if it will fit in your lounge or room. 

You also want to consider getting a three-seat sleeper couch to accommodate people when they want to sit. A three-seat couch may be large enough for sitting but make sure the mattress doesn’t take up too much space when you fold it out. 

Fabric for Comfort 


Upholstery is an important factor when choosing a sleeper couch. It’s important that the fabric is comfortable to sit or sleep on but it must also be highly durable, stain-resistant and hypoallergenic. At Signature Sofas, you can pick from a variety of quality fabrics to wrap your sofa bed in. 

There are also various colours, patterns and textures for you to pick from that will add to the aesthetics of your room or lounge. Pick a fabric that’s elegant but will also be able to withstand the constant conversion from couch to bed.  

Filling and Construction 

Your sofa bed will be constructed with the same filling and structure as a standard couch. However, a sleeper couch will be firmer than your standard sofa. There are plenty of foams and fillers for you to pick from to ensure you’re buying a sleeper couch that will provide the comfort you’re looking for. 

The Best Sofa Bed Ranges to Choose From 

At Signature Sofa you can buy either a leather or fabric sofa bed. There are traditional, classic, modern and contemporary styles for you to choose from. Additionally, there are various sized seats for you to pick from such as a two-seater or four-seater sleeper couch.  

There are 26 ranges to choose from that offer various styles, colours and shapes. The top most popular ranges to pick your sofa bed from are the following: 

  • Regina range: This range offers custom-made couches and sleeper sofas in various sizes. The Regina range comes in over 3000 fabrics and 300 colours. These couches are built to last and they provide exceptional comfort for sitting or for sleeping. 
  • Stratford range: if you’re looking for sofas that have rounded edges and elegant features then you’ll love the Stratford range. There are over 3000 fabrics for you to choose from and they come in various sizes between two-seater and four-seater couches.
  • Bolton range: Another popular choice is our Bolton range because these couches are made with comfortable seating and sleeping arrangements. This style of couch is bulkier but provides more cushioning. You can customise your designs by choosing the fabrics and style you want for your sofa bed.  

Final Thoughts 

As you can see sofa beds are versatile because they can accommodate guests when they want to sleep over or when they need a place to sit. Additionally, sofa beds are excellent space savers for homeowners who want a multi-functional environment. 

If you want an elegant sofa bed that will last many years to come visit Signature Sofas showroom or shop through the various ranges we offer. You could also get a custom-made sofa bed made exactly the way you want. 

For custom designs, simply send us the dimensions, fabrics and style you want and we’ll have it made and sent to you within 4-8 weeks. Signature Sofas has a five-year guarantee on all sofas including the ones that convert into beds. Shop our range to find the perfect sofa bed for your requirements.