A lift and rise chair is the perfect result of the merging of engineering and medicine. Many think that they are a convenience, something to assist the elderly or infirm when sitting down or rising from a seated position. Yet they are so much more than that as we’ll find out in this article.

Sit back, relax and discover the fascinating health benefits of a lift and rise chair, and why you should order yours right away.

What is a Lift and Rise Chair?

A lift and rise chair is a furniture item that adjusts to the needs of the user. Elderly people in particular enjoy the fact that the quiet motor tucked away inside will lift the chair as they sit, and then gently resume its previous position. Conversely, it can lift and tilt forward to make standing up easier.

Some models double as a recliner and offer a comfortable leg lift in addition to the above. A good lift and rise chair is solid and durable with a strong and silent motor.

A good quality product will come with a remote control that allows the user to enjoy a greater degree of independence. So many of us take the simple act of sitting down or standing up unaided for granted, but this is not the case with infirm ones. 

How Can a Lift and Rise Chair Benefit You?

Sadly, everyday activities such as standing up from a chair can become a real challenge as we age. 

However, it’s not just the elderly that benefit from the versatility of a lift and rise chair. People who have undergone operations or extended illness may suffer from weakened muscles or other painful ailments may need assistance while recuperating. Disabled ones also experience the unique benefits of these chairs. 

These clever chairs have been created with very specific seating positions and support that comes with several health aids. 

Let’s look into some of them.

Improved Circulation

As we age, our bodies don’t cope as well as they used to. Our hearts maybe aren’t as strong, and our circulation suffers resulting in swollen ankles, legs, and feet. Further, those with heart conditions can find a level of comfort and reprieve in a lift and rise chair. 

By raising your legs to a position above your hips, your heart is placed under less pressure which makes circulation and breathing easier. Swelling or fluid build-up in feet and ankles is also managed better in this position, while at the same time supporting your legs and joints correctly. 

Reduced Joint Pain

On the topic of joints, if you suffer from back problems, osteoporosis, or arthritis you may experience pain when placing strain on your hips, spine, or knees when moving into a seated position. 

A lift and rise chair offers welcome relief as it rises to support you as you sit, reducing the pressure on your joints and muscles. When you wish to stand, the seat will push your body up to position your hips over your knees until you are almost in a standing position. 

This benefits those with shoulder or neck issues too, in that they don’t have to endure being pulled up or manipulated by a caregiver which can become a painful exercise.


The right lift and rise chair supports your body evenly and positions you correctly for maximum comfort, especially for those suffering from back or neck pain. When in a reclining position the muscles and joints need do no work which makes for perfect relaxation. 

Those that are confined to a wheelchair for any length of time will understand the discomfort of the limited seating position. The alternative sitting and reclining positions offered by a lift and rise chair are a welcome relief and a far more comfortable option. They also reduce the probability of pressure sores due to remaining in a fixed position for any length of time. 

Although, these items of furniture are so comfortable that you may end up fighting your family for your favourite seat!

Better Support


Further advantages can be found in the way these smart chairs are designed to support your body in all the right places. Correct lumbar, neck, and back support are built-in benefits that encourage better posture.

Life Mobility comments on this element saying, “Lift and Recline chairs are ideal for people with spinal curvatures such as Kyphosis or Lordosis as they offer effective posture support. Unlike regular chairs, which can be harsh on your muscles and joints, Lift and Recline Chairs can reduce lower skeletal joint fatigue and degeneration and help maintain muscle tone.”

Reduced Risk of Injury

People who are weak or experience painful joints and muscles are very much at the mercy of others to assist them. Relying on someone else can be frustrating at times which prompts some to attempt to care for themselves. 

Unfortunately, this very often results in injury when trying to sit or stand independently. It’s in these positions that weakened people are most vulnerable and it’s all too easy to lose their balance or fall. 

One source adds, “Studies have even shown that lift chairs, while assisting in movement, can maintain muscle tone, due to the reduction of lower skeletal joint fatigue and degeneration. Research has also shown that they can reduce pain and increase comfort

“The most significant benefit of a lift chair is that it can reduce the risk of injury, as the person can stand on their own, or able to attempt to transfer to a standing position with support.”

Making use of a lift and rise chair that can be operated at the touch of a button eliminates this risk altogether.

Custom Lift and Rise Chairs for the Perfect Fit

There’s no doubt that a lift and rise chair comes with a host of benefits and will certainly make life easier for those with mobility or similar issues. 

Having a lift and rise chair custom-made for your exact size and to your precise requirements makes for the most comfortable and practical solution. 

You’ll be thrilled to know that we have been in the business of building top-quality custom sofas for over two decades. Our skilled team can put together a bespoke chair with the size, shape, style, colour, and fabric choice that you prefer. And what’s more, it will outlast any other high-street furniture. 

We would love to assist you in crafting your ideal lift and rise chair to match your unique requirements. 

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