Sometimes the types of sofas that are displayed in furniture shops simply aren’t what you’re looking for. Perhaps the shape isn’t right or the material feels rough against your skin. If you’re looking for custom designed furniture then perhaps you should opt for a made-to-order sofa in Birmingham. 


Choose the material, size, shape and design you want and have it made exactly to your specification. But before you do this there are a few aspects you need to consider first. Find out what you need to know about made-to-order sofas in today’s article. 


Finding a Store that Sells Quality Made-to-Order Sofas 

Finding the right store for your custom sofa can be tricky. Ideally, you want to pick a local store that you’re able to communicate with easily. Additionally, it’s important to see what the store’s options are before you decide to order a custom sofa. 


You should find out what the store’s process is when making custom furniture to see how much it will cost. Make sure that the store has plenty of fabrics for you to choose from and they’re able to make the sofa into the shape and design you want.  


Aspect to Consider Before Contacting the Store 

Do you have an idea of what you want your sofa to look like? Make sure you write down all the specifications you want your made-to-order sofa to have. Here are the following aspects you should consider for your custom-made sofa. 


What Type of Sofa Are You Looking For? 


The most popular style is the Chesterfield lounger that’s suitable for in-home libraries or offices. These sofas are typically wrapped with leather fabric for durability. 


For comfort, there is the Lawson styled sofa that’s perfect for living rooms. The seating, backrest and armrests have more cushioning and these sofas are typically large so you can sink into them with a book or cup of tea. 

Sectional or L Shaped 

There are also sectional couches or L shaped lounges that you can design using fabrics and styles of your choice. These types of sofas are ideal for small living rooms because they’re space saver sofas. 

Mid-Century Modern 

The mid-century modern style is typically used in minimalistic homes that have fewer ornaments and furniture. These sofas can be used in medium to big sized apartments and houses. They look stunning in any type of fabric colour.  


With all these types of sofas, you can customise the shape of all of them to suit your style and the aesthetics of your home.


What Fabrics and Materials Do You Want? 

At Signature Sofas, there are over 3000 fabrics for you to pick from and 400 of them are leather styles. These fabrics come in various textures and colours suitable for any styled couch. What’s more, some fabrics have patterns that will create a unique sofa for your home.


It’s important to pick a fabric that’s durable so that you don’t experience any wear or tear. The material must also be easy to clean so that you can maintain your sofa regularly without damaging the fabric. 


If you’re looking for a durable fabric then consider using leather. But if you want more of a variety in colour and texture pick either synthetic or cotton fabrics. Velvet is also a popular fabric because it’s soft to the touch and it’s a luxury product.


Other materials used to build the sofa are important too. If you want wooden accents make sure they’re made from durable hardwood. Another feature to consider when building your sofa is the support structure. Make sure that you use springs for support inside your custom sofa. If you use cheaper materials such as mesh or webbing your sofa won’t last long 


What Padding Are You Looking For? 

Similar to the fabric and material you use, there are also various types of padding you can pick from. You can get padding that’s made with horse or hog hair. On the other hand, there’s foam padding that’s made from polyester, feathers or a combination of both. 


The industry standard density for couch padding is 1.8 which increases the longevity of sofas. This density also caters to the comfort of a sofa so that you don’t get prodded with sharp edges from springs or backing.   


Is There a Specific Shape and Size You Want? 

Some sofas are made with straight lines and then there are ones that have curves. If you’re simply looking for a standard shaped sofa then pick one with armrests and a backrest that has straight lines. But if you want an elegant sofa you can get ones that are shaped to your specific design. 


Do you want a specific size? Professional sofa makers can make your couch according to the dimensions you’ve sent them. Send the length, height and depth that you want and you’ll get a custom-made sofa with those exact measurements. 


It’s important to determine the dimensions of your sofa before getting it made to ensure it will fit perfectly in your living room. 


Find Out How Long it Will Take to Make


With customised sofas, the process may take a bit of time. You don’t want a poorly made sofa so it’s important to give the creators time to build your sofa to your specific requirements. A brand new sofa with your custom design may take between four to eight weeks to complete. 


You can always find out how long it will take for your made-to-order sofa to be complete so you know what to expect. That way you’ll know not to invite guests over until you have seating for them to sit on.   


What About Warranties?

Sofas can get expensive so you don’t want to have to replace them regularly. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your sofa is backed by an extensive warranty. When you read the terms of the warranty make sure it covers all parts of the sofa. 


With your made-to-order sofa from Signature Sofas, you’ll get a 5-year guarantee with your new couch. So you can rest assured that all custom sofas are made with the utmost care and specifications to prevent premature wear and tear.   


Will the Delivery Company Carry Your Sofa Inside for Your 

You won’t be able to carry your brand new sofa into your house by yourself especially if you live in an apartment on the top floor. So let the professionals handle it for you. The delivery crew are experts at getting large sofas up steep flights of stairs and through narrow doorways without damaging your couch. 


Final Thoughts 

Do you want your own made-to-order sofa? You can orders yours today through Signature Sofas. You’ll be happy to know that all sofas are made in the UK. Signature Sofas has over 20 years of experience in the industry so you’re guaranteed a custom sofa that’s made to last. 


You’ll have a completely unique sofa that’s made by industry professionals. Send your specifications for your custom sofa through to Signature Sofas so we can make you a quality couch for your home.