Some people may think that leather sofas are out of fashion. But that can’t be more further from the truth. Leather sofas are timeless classics that add sophistication to the interior of your home. However, not all leather lounges are the same. 

You get many leather couches that have different shapes, sizes and leather variations. So how do you know which one to pick? Perhaps today’s article will help you. We’re giving you top tips on how to pick the perfect leather sofas for your home. So keep reading to find out more. 

How is Leather Made? 


Leather is cattle hide that has been salted and soaked in chemicals to remove hair from the material. These chemicals also cause the cattle hide to swell. This hide is then split and the top layer is used for furniture upholstery. 

Additionally, the hide goes through a tanning process that uses chrome-based chemicals. After tanning and drying the hide it goes through grading to see how many scarring and blemishes the leather has. 

How to Know if Your Sofa is Covered in Quality Leather

When the hide is split it’s separated into two types during the tanning process: top-grain and bottom split. Always pick a sofa that’s covered with top grain leather because the material is stronger and it doesn’t stretch. 

Bottom split leather is weaker and tends to stretch and crack. This is because bottom split leather has no grain which means it’s not suitable for furniture. So when you go out shopping for a leather sofa make sure you pick either of the following: 

  • Corrected leather
  • Full-grain leather 
  • Semi-corrected leather

These types of leather are genuine and will last a long time if maintained correctly. It should be noted that authentic leather will never have a smooth texture. Artificial leather is a plastic material that’s not made from cattle hide. Authentic leather will have a slight unevenness and there will be grooves on the surface.  

Popular Styles of Leather Sofas to Pick From 

The most popular and timeless style of leather sofa is the chesterfield lounger. This sofa is typically placed in sophisticated offices or home libraries. On the other hand, it can give a rustic appeal to your home. Chesterfield leather sofas pair well with dark wooden tables and cabinets and plush carpets. 

Modern types of leather sofas have lower profiles with sleek lines and are made with darker leathers. You can get L shaped lounges that work well in smaller apartments. Include a few fluffy cushions to add texture to your sleek leather sofa. 

Another type of leather sofa you might love is the Lawson lounges. These couches are considered ideal for people with families. These leather sofas have high backrests with low armrests. They are comfortable lounges that are perfect for living rooms. 

The Tuxedo leather lounges are similar to the Lawson design. Although the Tuxedo lounges are longer with a lower profile and they have more cushioning. 

Colours of Leather Sofas the Work Well

Leather doesn’t simply come in beige or dark brown tones. There are many leather colours for you to pick from. Ideally, you want a sofa that’s going to complement your backgrounds and your accents. 

What’s more, leather lounges are typically a focal point in a room so picking the correct colour is crucial for adding to the aesthetics of your interior design. Most people select neutral tones such as creams or whites to bring more light into a room or to add elegance to a space.

However, if you want a strong, bold or rustic look then you can get leather lounges in black, charcoal or dark tan colours. These tones work well in homes with natural accents such as wooded fixtures or natural stone tiles and walls. 

Leather can also be dyed so you can pick a sofa that’s covered in a stunning yellow fabric or blue if you want cooler tones in your home. 

How to Pick a Comfortable Leather Sofa 

If you pick a quality leather sofa then you won’t have to worry about comfort. High-end leather sofas are made with strong, supportive frames and soft cushioning. But there are other specifications when selecting a comfortable leather sofa. Let’s take a look at them below:

  • Sofa frames: The sofa frame keeps the shape of the lounger and it provides the correct level of support. A high-end frame will ensure the couch keeps its shape for many years. Additionally, it must be made with quality materials so look for a sofa with hardwood frames or a combination of metal and wood. Make sure you pick a couch with a frame that has screwed in fixtures instead of the staples. 
  • Cushioning: Ideally, you want soft cushions when you sit or lie down on your sofa. Cushioning also creates shape and volume. Foam is used for cushioning but the quality of this material will vary. Pick a sofa that has high-density foams with no air pockets to provide the support and comfort you need when you sit down. 
  • Suspension system: A sofas suspension system is important when it comes to comfort. It ensures there’s a balance when you sit and maximum support. Suspension can either be made with coiled springs, no-sag springs or elastabelt webbing. Pick a sofa that has the perfect balance between resistance and softness. There shouldn’t be excessive bounce or hollowness when you sit on it. 

Leather Sofa Terms to Look For 


There are a few terms that you may not be aware of when shopping for your leather sofa. Take a look at these terminologies because it may stop you from picking a fake leather couch: 

  • Grain: The grain describes the top layer of the leather. It’s also used to determine the fine embossed lines that cover the finish of most leather fabrics. 
  • Full-grain: This term is also known as top grain leather. Full-grain leather is when the top layer of the hide hasn’t been refined. This means you’ll find more blemishes and scars that show its natural state. 
  • Split: After the hide is treated the leather is put through a machine so it can be split. The split is the bottom layer of the leather that has a suede texture on both sides of the fabric. Sometimes a heavy pigment is applied to the leather to create an artificial grain surface. 
  • Corrected grain leather: The surface of the leather is buffed to reduce the appearance of flaws such as scars. 

Final Thoughts  

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