Boxing Day is on the 26th of December so it’s right after Christmas Day. It’s also a public holiday, so people get to relax after Christmas before having to go back to work or school. However, many people don’t know why the 26th is called Boxing Day and what it represents. 


In today’s article, we’ll be talking about the history of Boxing Day so you can learn more about its origins. Furthermore, you’ll find out how you can help others during this time of year and how you can save on massive Boxing Day promotions. Keep reading to find out more. 


Where did the Name for Boxing Day Come From? 

The name for Boxing Day comes from a time when the rich would box up food, clothes and gifts for the poor. Boxing Day was also a time when servants would take the day off and receive a box filled with gifts from their masters. 


Since the servants of a household had the day off on the 26th of every year, they would go home to their families and give them the gifts they received from the rich. 


The Full History Behind Boxing Day

There are many aspects that contribute to the traditions of Boxing Day. There are religious connections and other countries celebrate the day differently from how the United Kingdom celebrates it which is where Boxing Day originated. Find out the different origins behind Boxing Day in this next section. 


The Church Collected Money 

The church also had a part to play in creating Boxing Day traditions. During the year the church would collect money from people who attended sermons. Then at the end of each year, the money would be handed out to those who needed it most. 


Sometimes the money would be stored in a box or chest and would only be opened on Christmas Day. The money that was collected during the year would then be handed out the day after Christmas. 


In modern society, money boxes aren’t given anymore but people still donate items or money to charities during the festive season. 


Connections to Nautical Traditions 

Back in the old days when people still traveled by ship, there was a tradition where the ship would be blessed before setting sail. Ships would carry large boxes that contained money and this was said to bring good luck on the voyager. 


If the journey was a success and the ship came back to port a priest would open the box and distribute all the money to the poor. 


Boxing Day or Saint Stephen’s Day 

Saint Stephen’s Day or The Feast of Saint Stephen is a day Christians in Ireland celebrate to commemorate Saint Stephen. He was the first Christian martyr and known for his service to the poor. Saint Stephen was stoned to death in AD 36. To honor Saint Stephen, his accomplishments are observed and celebrated on the 26th of December.  


In Ireland, Boxing Day is sometimes called Wren Day. In the past, a wren would be killed for its feathers. Children would go from door-to-door asking for money in exchange for a wren feather because it was said to bring good luck. 


How is Boxing Day Celebrated Today? 

Many of the old traditions of Boxing Day have fallen away such as placing a box of money on ships or killing a wren for its feathers. Although some people still give money to charity during the festive season, in modern society Boxing Day is celebrated differently. Let’s see how the day is celebrated around the world.  


Watching Football

In the days before TV people in the UK would go watch football matches on Christmas Day. Now, football matches have been moved to the 26th of December and people can watch matches on TV at sports clubs or in the comfort of their own home.  


The Second Day of Christmas 

In countries such as Germany, Netherlands and Poland Boxing Day is celebrated as the second day of Christmas. Some people will attend a special church service on this day but it’s also a day that can be spent with loved ones and a time to enjoy seasonal treats. 


Boxing Day Sales 

There are people in the UK that don’t enjoy watching football on Boxing Day. Instead, they wake up early so they can get bargains from Boxing Day Sales from retail stores. Sometimes stores bring the prices on their items down after Christmas to get rid of stock. This way they can bring in new stock for the New Year. 


The 26th of December is the busiest time of the year for retailers because many people save up during the year to buy items they really need at lower costs. Therefore Boxing Day is primarily known as a shopping holiday and for retailers, this is where they get most of their revenue. 


Canada, Australia and New Zealand also use Boxing Day to reduce prices on items to gain more revenue at the end of the year. This helps the consumer too because they can now afford items they weren’t able to buy before. 


How You Can Celebrate Boxing Day This Year


We’ve now entered the festive season and everyone is winding down after a long and strange year. With COVID-19 and natural disasters happening all around the world, many people will be celebrating Christmas and Boxing Day with people they’re close to. But how would you like to celebrate Boxing Day? Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Visit your favorite store to get the best deals on Boxing Day sales
  • Organize a Boxing Day party 
  • Give items away to charity 
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter or animal sanctuary
  • Make turkey sandwiches with leftovers from Christmas lunch 
  • Keep the traditions of giving on Boxing Day alive 


One of the best ways you can celebrate Boxing Day is by giving to others. That’s why Boxing Day sales is a positive movement. You can buy essential items at affordable prices and give them to poor people who need your help. Or you can also gift loved ones with items they may need. 


The festive season is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus and in honor of this celebration you can give clothing, food and essential items to the poor. Spend time with your loved ones and appreciate each other for the blessing and the love you provide one another, no matter how small they are. 


Final Thoughts 

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