You’re in the right place if you’re asking questions around the wisdom and practicality of buying a velvet sofa. After all, smart people do their homework before making a big purchase and no doubt you have several questions that need answering.

Whilst it may have been on trend in the 1960s, velvet hasn’t always enjoyed the popularity it deserves. However, we’ve recently seen a surge of interest in the field of home décor displaying soft, cosy sofas clothed with velvet in rich jewel tones and earthy shades. They bring an understated opulence to a room and work incredibly well with a host of fabrics and textures. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common questions buyers are asking around velvet sofas, and if they will work in your home.

Is velvet practical for a sofa?


If we’re going to invest in something that we love, then there should be a part of us that wants to know if it’s a practical choice. After all, we don’t want to spend our hard-earned money on something that’s going to age poorly or just not stand up to the challenges of our family, do we? So, exploring the practicality of a velvet sofa is a fair question.

The great news is that velvet is a durable fabric. We often don’t think of it as such given its opulence and sheen, but it really is a resilient choice. 

One of the reasons for this stems from how velvet is made. 

One article on the versatility and sustainability of velvet says, “Unlike other fabrics, velvet is not flat-woven (or knitted, in this case it is called velour). It requires more yarn and steps to produce. First, yarn from different materials is woven together on a loom between two layers of backing. Then, the fabric is split down the middle, which creates two identical pieces, each with the upraised pile that gives it its soft texture.”

Essentially, this means that your velvet sofa won’t snag, which, incidentally, makes it a cat-friendly option as it’s more resistant to kitty claws. 

Is velvet pet-friendly?

On the topic of pets, velvet gets a mixed review. As mentioned, it won’t snag and is not a preferred choice for our feline friends to sharpen their claws on. However, the pile does tend to attract and retain fur and dust, so this will need to be factored into your decision.

Will my sofa age well?

That’s a tricky one. Style trends come and go, some of which can surprise us. 

We don’t know what home décor will look like in five years, but we do know that a well-designed custom sofa built with quality components to your specifications will stand the test of time.  The option to recover your favourite living room piece is always open to you if you are determined to stay on-trend. However, often a new look can be achieved by freshening up the space with accessories and a lick of paint, instead of throwing out your beautiful sofa. 

Even now, velvet sofas look at home in a boho-chic styled apartment, a modern living area, a cosy and traditional space, or front and centre in a designer home. Chances are good that your sofa will stand the test of time. 

Is velvet easy to clean?

Another point to consider around the practicality of a velvet sofa is how easy it is to clean.

Cleaning and maintenance of your sofa will depend largely on what type of velvet you have chosen, with more resilient options made from polyester fibres and others with fragile threads such as silk. 

Either way, a regular and thorough vacuum will pick up dust and dirt within the pile, although it’s a good idea to use a brush or upholstery attachment for a gentle touch and to avoid damaging the fabric.

It’s worth noting that hot water can shrink velvet or otherwise affect its elasticity, so washable slipcovers should be treated gently and washed in cold water or else dry-cleaned. 

If you’ve (very wisely) chosen to have the fabric coated with a stain repellent, then spills are easily dealt with using a soft towel. Although, you want to act quickly as velvet tends to absorb liquids quickly! In a family home, synthetic velvet is definitely your best choice and is more resistant to food spills and dirt.

3 great reasons to choose a velvet sofa


  1. Velvet glows.


Velvet has a look and feel all its own, and proud owners of velvet furniture have found that this unique fabric reflects the light, making it a wonderful choice even in a small room. Any sofa design looks a hundred times better with the depth and sophistication of velvet, infusing the space with its distinctive charm. 


  1. Velvet feels incredible.

“The main desirable attribute of velvet is its softness, so this textile is primarily used in applications in which fabric is placed close to the skin. At the same time, velvet also has a distinctive visual allure, so it’s commonly used in home decor in applications such as curtains and throw pillows. Unlike some other interior decor items, velvet feels as good as it looks, which makes this fabric a multi-sensory home design experience.” (Source)

  1. Velvet is versatile. 


EZ Living comments on this point saying, “A wonderful way to inject texture and sophistication into any living room, velvet furniture will work beautifully in minimalist and maximalist décors alike. To make a style statement, opt for a sofa in a dramatic shade. 


The same article adds, “Fortunately, velvet is quite universal material and works well with many different fabrics and textures. Contrast the softness of the fabric by pairing it with contrasting textures such as wood, glass, and metal.”


Where can I buy a velvet sofa?

We’re hoping that you have enough information on the pros and cons of a buying velvet sofa to make an informed decision. 

Of course, you don’t want any old piece of furniture, not if you’re looking for a statement piece that fits your style and room size. 

Well, that’s where we come in.

Signature Sofas have decades of experience in creating high-quality, custom-made sofas and chairs for individuals who know exactly what they want. Choose the design, height, depth, and length that you prefer, and we will create exactly that. 

Of course, one of the most exciting things about designing your custom sofa is choosing the fabric. If you’re opting for velvet, then we have dozens of shades and variations for you to choose from. 

We are in the business of giving you exactly what you want!

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