If you’re contemplating buying a sofa bed, then you’re most likely a social person with family and friends frequently coming through your door. Yes, we all appreciate the brilliant simplicity and versatility of sofa beds.

Whether we’re expecting a house full of teens or excitedly expecting far away family for the holidays, it’s always great to have that extra sleeping space, right?

So, when buying a sofa bed, we’d recommend doing a little homework to ensure that you are getting the very best option for your unique needs. 

Where to start?

Choosing a Sofa Bed



For many of us, space is at a premium which is why we’re considering a sofa bed in the first place. 

This means that this particular item of furniture will spend most of its time in the living room masquerading as a regular sofa. This, in turn, means we’re looking for something as comfortable as possible.

Historically, sofa beds, or sleeper couches as they’re also known, have been a little on the firm side as their structure differs from that of a normal sofa. We feel that a sofa bed should be just as comfy as any other seating in your living room. 


Yes, we’d all love to have a dedicated guest room to host our family in comfort over the holidays, but that may just not be feasible. 

A sofa bed in the living room is common, but they can also be positioned as occasional chairs or sofas in a bedroom until needed. Some families have found that a single-seater couch which can be pulled out into a comfy and functional single bed is the perfect solution for a sleep-over for kiddies. 


We are so fortunate to enjoy such a wide range of sofas for sale when we’re ready to buy, and the same is now true for sofa beds. 

Gone are the days when you are stuck with an awkward, spring-loaded nightmare with all the style of a 1980s pop band. Today’s options are many and varied and can be made to fit in seamlessly with your existing furniture.

In fact, many of today’s sofa beds are incredibly stylish and innovative and are impossible to tell apart from a regular sofa. 

We offer custom-made options in so many styles, from classic to contemporary, ultra-modern to traditional.


Remember the old sofa bed at Uncle Ralph’s house which took three men and a crowbar to set up? 

Thankfully, we have so many choices of layout and design which are made specifically to be easy to use with a smooth operation and minimum fuss. 

Most sofa beds come in a 2-seater design with a pull-out section creating an instant double bed. However, an L-shaped option may suit you better or a modular sofa which converts into a comfy sleeping space in 30 seconds or less. 

As a side note, if you are planning on making use of a pull-out sofa bed then be sure that you position it so that you have the space to extend it comfortably. 


Another space-saving feature? Absolutely!

The design of today’s sofa beds and accessories, such as an ottoman, can be made with additional storage space for the blankets, pillows, and sheets your guests will need during their stay.

A Real Bed?

Sadly, sofa beds have had a bad rap in the past being labelled as awkward, too small, or with thin and uncomfortable mattresses. 

When you’re shopping for a sofa bed, be certain to check the comfort levels of the mattress. Most modern options are just as comfortable as a real bed, with carefully crafted mattresses or soft and squishy cushions. 

The quality of the frame itself will determine whether you’re investing in a hardy, solid, and comfortable bed for your family…or not.

Investment buying

For those young families who are just starting out and may be on a bit of a budget, a sofa bed is a brilliant exercise in good investment. 

You may not even be thinking of seasonal family visits or children’s sleepovers right now, but a stylish, good quality sofa bed can pose as an ordinary sofa for as long as you need it to. The day will come – we can pretty much guarantee this – when someone needs “a place to crash” and suddenly this piece of furniture will come into its own.

Storing a Sofa Bed

So, what happens if your sofa bed is only required periodically and is not going to be a permanent multifunctional piece of furniture in your home?

If this is the case, then you want to take care to store your sofa bed carefully to ensure a long life and many happy years of use. 

Thankfully, storing a sofa bed is pretty straightforward and just requires a little common sense. 

  • Give your sofa bed a thorough clean. 

A good vacuum of fabric sofas followed by a wipe down with a damp cloth and fabric cleaner should suffice – although be absolutely certain to never wrap and store damp furniture. Leather furniture will also benefit from a wipe down with an appropriate detergent and a coat of leather conditioner.

  • Wrap it up.

Because we can never ensure that the sofa bad is completely without moisture, wrapping it in plastic may not be the best choice. Given half a chance, mould will set in and cause damage and foul odours, which is the last thing we want.

However, you can keep it covered with dust cloths, blankets or sheets which will keep dust and dirt at bay without causing any damage.

  • Prepare the storage space.

If you’re storing your sofa bed in the garage or another outside area, then it’s always a good idea to place plastic on the floor to prevent rising moisture, and also make use of cat litter or other moisture absorbent products in the space. 

Where Can I Buy a Great Sofa Bed?

We surely know the answer to this one! 

Our sofa beds here at Signature Sofas are custom-made to your exact requirements where you can choose from hundreds of fabrics, dozens of styles, and the perfect squishiness of your cushions. Corner sofas, modular sofas, or regular two or three-seaters can be created as sofa beds in the colour and size that you need. 

How often do we get exactly what we want?

We’d love to invite you to visit one of our showrooms so that we can brag (just a little) and show you what choices are available to you. 

Please call us on 03300 564 111 for more information or to book an appointment.