So, the time has come for you to retire your exhausted sofa and you are busily collecting ideas for a replacement. No doubt you’ve trawled through Pinterest and other design sites on the web to get inspiration. We’re sure that one of your questions may well be, “Should I get a corner sofa?”

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That’s an excellent question and doing your homework on one of the bigger investments within your home is absolutely the right thing to do.

While you may certainly change your wall colours, your rugs, and your lamps over the next 10 years or so, you’re less likely to simply pop out and buy another sofa. This means a good deal of mulling needs to happen before you commit to anything. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions people ask on the topic of corner sofas and explore the idea together.

Do corner sofas save space?

Space – or the lack of it – is usually the biggest issue when considering a new item of furniture. With many UK homes running a little short on living room space, we want to know that our sofa choice is a wise one. 

A key benefit of corner sofas is that they provide ample seating for family and friends and take up less floor area than, say, a couple of two-seaters and a recliner. That gap between furniture items can certainly rob us of valuable space and prove to be damaging to our poor shins and toes!

While the L-shape may appear bulky at first, it is a popular choice for small living rooms because of its versatility and seating configuration. 

The modern lifestyle

To fully answer the question of space, we think it’s only fair to note that most of the living rooms in the modern home are dominated by the telly. 

Therefore, the corner sofa is a brilliant piece of design which allows the family to relax, stretch out their legs or snuggle up in a comfy bundle of bodies while we watch our favourite shows. No inter-furniture gaps or hard edges, no craning our necks because our chair is facing the wrong way; just a comfortable, sensible, space-saving spot. 

Design options

On the topic of space, it’s a good idea to consider the actual design of your perfect sofa before you start shopping. A small room can quickly become overwhelmed by a large sofa, especially if it has a high back. 

If your living area is on the small side, then you may want to choose a less imposing design, lighter colours, and maybe longer legs to give the illusion of space.

Can my sofa sit in front of a window?

A sofa can certainly sit in front of a window. If you are going to order a custom couch, then take note of the height of the windowsill and ensure that the back of your new item of furniture sits below or level with the window. 

That way, you don’t block off the wonderful natural light coming into your lounge area, and you still get to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing space. 

Do corner sofas have to go in a corner?

The true beauty of interior design is that nothing has to conform to the norm. In your home, you can do exactly as you like. 

So, must a corner sofa go in a corner? In short, no.

While certainly built to sit on the perimeter of a room and maximise floor space and seating area, you can position it to suit your needs. 

For example, an L-shaped sofa can act as a visual room divider separating the dining area from the lounge. Even the back of a quality corner sofa can butt up against a console table or a chest of drawers to act as a division between rooms. 

Modular sofas

On the subject of form and function, most corner sofas are modular. This means that we have several chair-sized pieces which can be used as we please.

This makes them so easy to move (and carry up those stairs!) and in some cases, offers us the ability to position them in a variety of ways to suit our room or lifestyle. An L-shape can also double as a U-shape or even a two-seater with a window seat.

Did you know that a corner sofa is more economical per unit? Think how many seating spaces are provided versus a standard three-seater plus recliner and then do the maths. That’s just one more check in the box.

We love having choices! And the one thing that the sectional sofa offers is exactly that. 

Should I get a leather corner couch?

Leather is an incredibly popular choice for so many sofas. It’s beautiful, hard-wearing, and comes in so many gorgeous shades and patinas. We love the way real leather ages gently over time and gradually takes the shape of the family it serves. 

If there are young children in your home, then a leather corner sofa would satisfy the most stringent checklist. It’s comfortable and versatile with the ability to fit many little bodies and of course, wipe away spills and sticky fingerprints. 

However, a sleek L-shaped design would even suit an upmarket loft apartment in W1 and create a stunning focal point in the room. Such is the adaptability of leather.

What is the best corner couch?

The best corner sofa is the one that fits your lifestyle perfectly. Choosing one from the shop floor off the high street may be the cheapest option, but is it exactly what you want? 

On average, the life of a sofa ranges between 7 – 15 years, so whatever you choose now will need to satisfy your needs for a good few years to come. 

We think that the best corner sofa is the one that you design. It means you’ll have the best choice of fabric to suit your family, the ideal colour to suit those blinds that you just bought, exactly the right balance between soft and firm cushions – in short, it will look like it was made for your living room. 

Where to get your corner sofa

Yes, there’s a lot to think about – but isn’t it exciting?

If you’re satisfied that a corner sofa is the right choice for you, for your family and your lifestyle, then we would love to help you to make it happen. 

Our wonderfully talented team have been carefully crafting the most beautiful, long-lasting, and stylish sofas for over 20 years. With over 60 design options and 3000 fabrics to choose from, we are confident that you will get exactly what you want.

Please call in and visit us for coffee, we’d love to help you create memories in your home.